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Unbelievable player - met him today

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  • Unbelievable player - met him today

    Was in a store today, went into the amp room.  Plugged in.  Kid comes in, sits down, I chew him out for stealing my stool while I'm switching guitars, he is super nice and apologizes.  Then he plugs in.  Then we both start playing.

    Then I stop.

    This is the dude.  Just ... ****************ing check the last 15 minutes of this ****************.  I don't give a **************** that it's a cover, I have been around platinum-selling artists and some very well regarded guitarists, and this kid's playing is just ... at a surreal level. 

    Just go to 10:15 and ... lie back and enjoy it if it's inevitable.

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    Yep, he's good!
    http://www.youtube.com/user/eti313 (umm, how do we make clickable links in sigs?)<br>Deals: Tron Murphy, hangwire, renula, AimmarCair, Urinate Forever, ck3<br>Kudos'd


    • Urinate Forever
      Urinate Forever commented
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      i went to school with kids like that. practiced hendrix all the time.

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    not sure if i'm more moved by the hendrix chops or the 15 string bass. either way, i think we're past the point of fast blues scale shredding being impressive. contemporary blues-rock guitar gives me douche chills.
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    • vidret
      vidret commented
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      gonna practice some today.

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    The kind of playing that old guys love, heard it all before.