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I have to admit I'm not a fan of

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  • I have to admit I'm not a fan of

    Writing HTML code just to enjoy posting a picture or tag. Screw it. I suffered it for a while back in the Stoner Rock forum days and they went down. I just don't feel like refreshing my code writing just to enhance my forum posting these days. We should have convenience these days if we are expected to keep coming and buying the owner's goods. Just saying.

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    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this place to get much better.
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      So should I ask for this post to be put in the suggestions post area?

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    No HTML required on my part.

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      How do I insert an image in a post?

      You insert an image the same way as you did before, but now you have more choices about where the image comes from and how it looks. You can insert an image from your computer (this uploads the image to your gallery), from your image gallery (if the image has been approved), or from another location on the Web.

      To insert an image in a post:

      1. Start a new post. 
        You can insert images anywhere: in messages, replies, blog articles, ideas, or comments.
      2. Click the Insert Image button in the editor's tool bar (it looks like a tree).
      3. Choose one of the sources listed below.

      To insert an image located on your computer:

      1. Click the From My Computer tab.
      2. Click Browse to select a file.
      3. Type a title for the image if you want something other than the file name.
      4. Click Hide in Gallery (Private) to keep the image private until your post appears.
      5. Choose an image size.
        • Full Size inserts the image at the full size of the original file.
        • SmallMedium, and Large insert the image at the sizes defined for your community. 
          We don't stretch images, so very small images won't get any bigger regardless of the image size you choose.
      6. Choose how you want the image aligned.
        • Left aligns the image on the left side of the post. Any text that comes after the image appears to the right.
        • Inline inserts the image right where the cursor is in the editor. If you add a return after the image, any text you add appears below the image.
        • Right inserts the image on the right side of the post. Text appears to the left of the image. If you add a lot of text, it eventually wraps under the image.

      To insert an image from your image gallery:

      1. Click the From My Gallery tab.
      2. Click the image.
      3. Choose an image size.
      4. Choose how you want the image aligned.
      5. Click Insert Image.

      To insert an image from another Website:

      1. Click the From Another Site tab.
      2. Type the URL for the image and click Load Image.
      3. Choose an image size.
      4. Choose how you want the image aligned.

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    like magic

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    For Sale: hcfx chat (no users)


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        PKTrono wrote:

        21 contributers


        dude, I don't even recognize you without your daughter in the avatarbox! Hows everything 17 hours ahead of me?

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      Yeah, it's like chat and mcfx had a baby and then robo dropped it on its head.


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        hi pk

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      yeah what.

      hey brent. i got your pm! school has been taking its toll. i'll try to pop in chat some time


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        PKTrono wrote:
        yeah what

        Sorry...forumite confusionn on my part....this shows how much I need avatars, or how much I relied on them to identify who is who.

        I'll just go back to my goofballs now...

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      this is a test




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      Also dick swabs suck. a lot.

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        required equipment on every voyage...

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        great success



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