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Y U so bad? ..... : Arion MOC-1


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  • Y U so bad? ..... : Arion MOC-1

    Most of the Arion pedals(even the re-issues by zog-knows-who)  go for mid-hundys.

    But the lowly MOC-1 is BIN'ing around $25

    Anyone with any experience? Does it have mod-potential, or it is one of those infernal digital shiz?



    Inquirig minds.









    btw, this may be my first peddle thread since the changeover..... who wood'a thunk?

    Blind Doc Jones' Pickles....Cures What Ails Ya

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    Because a boss OC-2, goes for fiffy $ all day long, and the Arion can"t compete with it at that price pont...

    changes come w/ the whether...


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      I have one. Once upon a time lots models of Arion pedals were being sold at US$20 each. Plastic box with plastic pot shafts... easily breakable; difficult to mod iirc...

      Mooer and Joyo TS clones are sturdier alternatives and make the Arion TS clone the poorest choice, if not obsolete


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