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NGD! Ibby Artist RI!

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  • NGD! Ibby Artist RI!

    This has been a long time coming. Been in the market for a new guitar for 6+ months but moving and starting a new job really threw a monkey wrench in those plans for a while.

    The President's Sale at GC (the dang thing was $100 off Sunday and came with a $50 gift card) was actually awesome along with some gift cards I had left over from the holidays. It plays like a dream and the coil tapping is super great. Such a good guitar for the money. I know the pictures sideways DEAL WITH IT


    look a guitar everyone I KNOW IT'S SIDEWAYS

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    is it top heavy


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      Looks awesome!

      I tried buying an Ibanez bass on Prez Day and they said Ibanez was an excluded manufacturer.

      New stuff every day on Gain!


      • Urinate Forever
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        I think you gotta say that's bull**************** and talk to a manager, scolfax.

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      It's just a hair top-heavy but not so much that I have to support it all the time cuz it neck-dives like crazy or anything.

      And yeah Scolfax, that's a bunch of crap. I was told the coupon I had was no problem to use on Ibanez stuff Sunday