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  • Shopping for a delay....

    I used an M9 for all my delay needs for a couple years but tired of it and sold it a few months ago. I have been without a delay since. Anyway, I need a delay again and I could use feedback from those who have experience with the pedals I am interested in.

    I am looking into a VMSD, El Cap and the Supa Puss. I am leaning more toward the SD and El Cap due to their feature set.

    I need a delay with great sound quality and either tape or analog tones. I want a versatile pedal with tap tempo, modulation, subdivisions, expression control and presets.

    I really like the demos I've heard but I have not had a chance to play any of the three.

    If you were looking to buy one which one would you buy and why? Is there something else out there I should consider? I'll likely buy used and plan on spending around $325.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wanna buy my EQD Disaster Transport?


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      I would but I need tap tempo. I wish EQD delays had tap tempo because they sound fantastic.


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        • TomVanDeven
          TomVanDeven commented
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          Grab a used Supa Puss from TGP. 

          They sound pretty neat, though I bet theres alot on there to go through and fine tune. 

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        Elizabeth123 wrote:

        I shopped in a new shop Donner yesterday. 

        Haha, maybe you can shop there.....

        Everything is 30\% off.....

        :heart::cathappy:After I sent email to them, they give me coupons to buy it......

        Pedal.jpg  I bought this one is just ?50...........

        HAHA, maybe you can choose one there.....www.donnerdeal.com....Don't forget to talk with them....

        Good luck to you.

        That's not a delay Mrs. Spammy.

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        • juri
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          Get the el cap, it's awesome.

        • Elizabeth123
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          I am sorry......but some delay is on sale.....free for the shipment....maybe I will buy one.....

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        fock uff nerdbanga