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DIY people and builders, modding a chorus pedal for slower rate help


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  • DIY people and builders, modding a chorus pedal for slower rate help

    long story short, i have a Retrosonic Chorus and would like to make it so that the rate in the vibrato mode can go slower than stock.


    if the circuit is pretty much the same as a CE-1, here it is:



    looks like there is a 100k potentiometer that controls the rate, with a 220k resistor bridging it. if i were to simply increase the pot to say a 500k, that would increase the max rate, correct? 


    which is the opposite of what i'm trying to do. So would i need to replace the 220k resistor with say a 100k one to lower the slowest rate?


    any help would be much appreciated.

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    Actually, it generally works the opposite way in an LFO. A larger value makes the rate slower (higher resistance causes lower voltage and also slower charging of capacitors in a schmitt trigger, I believe, but LFOs are not my particular exepertise). Of course the 220k resistor adjusts the taper of the pot since it's in parallel with the 100k so, the maximum resistance the two produce in tandem (the setting which should be the slowest rate) would total 68.75k

    Using a 500k pot would make the max about 153k so the rate should be significantly lower. However, your taper might be a bit odd. You could first just plain disconnect one side of the 220k resistor and see if you like the range (obviously that would just make the range the pot value itself).


    That's a tremolo I am prototyping. In that video my LFO has a 100k rate resistor for a static rate on the breadboard. Later on I bridge a second 100k resistor across it to increase the rate (giving 50k of resistance).Just an illustration.Of course, my LFO is not the same as yours but the pricipal should be similar.



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      you're the best V! thanks a ton, i'll give it a shot tonight if i can. i just read somewhere someone was asking about modding a ce-2 for faster rate and people told him to up the pot value. so i figured it'd be similar in the ce-1, therefore i'd want to reduce the resistance.