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Ews Fuzzy Drive: a flop or well kept secret?


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  • Ews Fuzzy Drive: a flop or well kept secret?

    Hi all. New guy but a gear nerd and tone hound nonetheless. I'm curious how many of you have experience with the EWS Fuzzy Drive. I have one and it finds its way on and off my board. Mostly on but not a main drive or fuzz I use. It is a pretty unique pedal in that it's a fuzz with op-amp as opposed to transistors. I do find some great uses for it, esp paired witha particular vintage phaser i own, but there are also times when I find myself feeling like its kind of a 1 trick pony. It has its unique sound (I feel like the fulltone secret freq is similar) yet it doesn't have a pallet of tones like many other popular drives and fuzzes.

    So the question is not whether or not I need it, but if it's used by a lot of people or simply a cool idea that didnt really live up to the concept.

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    I had one for a little while. It sounded too similar (at least the way I had it set) to my OD-3 so I sold it. It annoyed me that unity volume was less than 9 o'clock on the volume control so I felt like I was "choking" it by not being able to crank it.
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