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Reverb tank in the Vox AC15C1

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  • Reverb tank in the Vox AC15C1

    i am not that happy with the reverb of my ac15c1. it's to long, i like some surf sound but it simply gets to muddy when over 50% wet.

    @ phil: i read your article here on spring reverbs, got me precious infos about. i opened my vox and now i know the spring reverb tank is a "belton BS3EB3C1B", which tells me it has a long decay, like 2,75 - 4,00 sec. but i can't categorise it, 'cause in phils chart there's no "type 3" (like the 3 digit in the model name suggests) spring reverb.

    people on the net suggest to swap it with an accutronics 8EB2C1B which would be medium decay 1,75 - 3,00 sec. which is a type 4 reverb and has 3 springs whereas the original vox has only 2 springs.

    what, apart from the shorter decay would be the differences? a more dense reverb due to the 3 springs? more "boing"? would it be clearer?


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    Typically, with more springs, you get a denser, thicker reverb sound.


    I'd contact Accutronics and see if they have any suggestions for a direct replacement with a shorter dwell / reverb decay time.




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      and what kind of type is "type 3"?

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    it's the third time i've heard of this happening. i'd contact them directly and see if they can sort you out. least they can do is pay for shipping :catsurprised:


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      I swapped my tank out a while back... forgot which one now. It was nothing great. I would pick up a holy grail pedal, its cheaper and sounds better.