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Vox wah mods? And question...


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  • Vox wah mods? And question...

    Any cool mods to the basic model of the Vox wah? Also, I think I need to clean the pot, any suggestions on how, or should I just buy a new one?

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    This is a whole thread on this topic the forbidden forum, good stuff there.

    No, don't bother trying to clean the pot, IMO. They are almost all sealed anyway. If you do have an open one, you can clean it, but it will get scratchy again very soon. Just replace it, you can get a replacement pot by mail order for about $12 - $15 and up. For cleaning your pot, I suggest a gatefold record jacket and a credit card or playing card... But seriously, if you want to clean your pot, they sell this stuf at electronics stores called "D-ox-it" spray that's made for this purpose, they sell something similar at Radio Shack too. It's a temporary fix at best. 

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