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boosting with a big muff pi?


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  • boosting with a big muff pi?

    is it possible and how would it sound?

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    Jesus christ man, are you aiming to fill up the entire first page with threads about boosting?  Can't you just ask these questions in your original thread?


    To answer your question, most (but not all) big muffs sound like garbage into a dirty amp.

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      im sorry for making so many threads? :/ 

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    Great...i boosted a greenie into a jcm800 and it was awesome....esp for the heavies
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      I'm not wild about using a Big Muff as a boost. It's great WITH a boost, but as a boost, most Muffs are too dirty and dark.


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    Yeah it's gonna boost Square wave low to high fuzz on many occasions.  If you're into this good.  I prefer the 4558 chip pedals.  I always go for tone.  The 1st factor is the amp, and this is normally good quality and always tube.  The rest is important but a good amp can make a crappy pedal sound SWEET.  A sweet boost can make a crappy amp sound crappy-crappier.  Just my .02

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