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Various op amp chips for the Boss sd-1

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  • Various op amp chips for the Boss sd-1

    Do different op amp chips produce different tones? If so, where can these be had, and is swapping them relatively easy?

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    Eh well, typically an op-amps desired function is to amplify with a clean and flat response and be as neutral as possible.

    A TL071 is pretty much the industry standard for that and has been since the 70s.

    Although, when we're dealing with distortion circuits the game changes and lots of "undesirable" op-amps with lower headroom and bandwidths, more noise and other problems suddenly come into their own and yes can change how the pedal sounds.

    For swapping them out easily you should buy an 8-pin IC socket and take out the current op-amp and replace it with a socket. Then you can just plug different op amps in.

    As from where to buy them from, you can get them from electronics stores but you can also buy them online for super cheap with lots of variety.

    Additionally, there are many SD-1 mods out there, google them and listen to the results, see if you like any and if you there's tons of instructions on how to do that kinda stuff.

    Considering you're asking online, bear in mind that for stuff like distorted guitar tones it's a creative field and thus subjective. It doesn't hurt to ask around online about what sounds good but at the end of the day it's down to your opinion and also your rig.

    That's all I have to say.

    See ya!


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      Someone in there ("Wailinguy"?) sounds fairly wise and suggests a couple less-expensive alternatives.


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        I have run through the gamut of chips (even built two identical TS circuits so I could AB the "mojo" chips).  The ONLY chip I have ever tried that made a signficant difference in the tone of the circuit was a MOSFET-based op amp - much, much more wooly (i.e., significant cut in the highs).  It was not a subtle difference.

        Everything else sounded pretty much the same at bedroom volumes and uttely indistinguishable at band volumes.  Anyone who hears significant differences between op amps either has batlike hearing (which means they need to pick a chip to make themselves happy, but no one else is going to tell the difference) or are being swayed by their emotions.