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NGD batwing set complete...


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  • NGD batwing set complete...

    Picked up a used sg classic (guitar on the right, sitting with my 06 junior and 09 standard) because they have disconinued them and I've always wanted a 2 p90 sg. I am a huge sg fan but never wanted to pay for vintage so i just make them sort of correct to my liking. I will pull the stop tail and fill the holes on the classic and add a short vibrola. The neck on the classic is the biggest of the bunch and i am really liking it.
    batwing trio
    I Know they did a late 60's custom with a large guard but until they reissue that my batwing guard set is complete. I guess now I need  to start buying small guard sg's....

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    Killer! Nice batwing set! I've got a Jr. that looks like that from 1968. The P90 sounds killer on my Jr.
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      Looks awesome!

      How do you like the neck on the classic?

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    Man those look nice. 

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