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Need Help. How bad does this look?

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  • Need Help. How bad does this look?

    Havent posted here in a while, but I need some advice. Ive had this guitar for a few years now. Its a Yamaha TVL 503.  Im pretty sure its always had a little crack here, but I dont remember it being this big. Im not sure if its just in the finish or if it goes all the way through/how bad it is/how bad it could be. Figured Id ask here. Any advice/help? 







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    a) I appreciate all the photos, and

    b) no they aren't all that large (600x800 pixels),


    c) hokeysmokes do they load slow!!


    I'd have a luthier look at it....that looks like "deeper than a varnish crack".If the joint is losing it's grip, they should be able to steam it open under that last MOTSdot, then cover up the access with a new one.



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    • AimmarCair
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      Buy a new guitar, you can get these ones called squier real easy and cheap and they look just like fender what jimmy hendricks play

    • eti313
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      lefort_1 wrote:

      a) I appreciate all the photos, and

      b) no they aren't all that large (600x800 pixels),


      c) hokeysmokes do they load slow!!

      Actually they are 3264 x 2448 pixels. They just look smaller.

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    I'd definitely take it to a luthier. It could be that the neck joint is coming loose, and the repair bill will be much smaller if it can be taken apart and re-glued under controlled circumstances, rather than pulled apart by the string tension. If you feel the crack as grown in the last few days, I'd loosen the strings as well, before taking it to see the doc.
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      Love the look of the guitar.
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      • larryguitar
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        Neck stable? Stay in tune as it did before? That's a stereotypical finish crack, IMHO, but still best to have it checked. The luthier will wait until you leave and then give the neck a good wank, and see if it opens at all; if not, it's a finish crack.