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  • NGD

    I finally got me a Ric.  I've been wanting one for so long, and finally found one locally for a decent deal. 

    Obligatory Pic.



    I finally got my studio PC online and set up after my move.  This is my first time to try to post a pic on the new site.  I think. 


    Here goes nothin...

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    —-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, friend.

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    Works! Looks awesome, that's just what I want!


    • Texas Noise Factory
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      Thanks! It was interesting putting it through it's paces using my board and my Princeton a few days ago. Definitely feel like it's got some tones I was missing.

      The spacing on the fingerboard is taking a bit of getting used to since it's a bit wider than I am used to, but I think it's gonna be hanging around for a while.

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    how are the pickups vs other guitars you've owned?
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    • goodhonk
      goodhonk commented
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      congratulations.  it is my understanding that those necks take a bit getting used to.  

    • Texas Noise Factory
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      gambit wrote:
      how are the pickups vs other guitars you've owned?

      Well, I compared it with my Tele Deluxe, and my ASAT Special when I first plugged it in. The first thing I noticed is that the pickups are very hot. Much hotter than the Tele, and a bit hotter actually than my ASAT.  Which surprised me since the MFDs in the ASAT are pretty hot themselves.  It's easy to get nice, loud, cleans, but when you start stacking gain, it gets really raunchy pretty quickly.  I think I will like taming the beast though.  I haven't tried the ric-o-sound yet...

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    Awesome. I'd love to get my hands on a Ric, again. I haven't played one in quite a while.


    • homestar_kevin
      homestar_kevin commented
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      that thing rules. 

      I, like you were, am still in my years of searching locally for a decent one.


      Nice to see people get them!

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    awesome! looks great


    • A.P. Ryder
      A.P. Ryder commented
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      Congrats.  Don't own one, but I always thought Rics were sex-hay!