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Inexpensive Overdrive <$100?

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  • Inexpensive Overdrive <$100?

    My secondhand OD-3 crapped out last week and it would cost more to fix than it's worth, so I'm in need of another overdrive. I'm not opposed to replacing it with another OD-3, but I'm not real familiar with what's out there and suggestions would be welcomed for something relatively inexpensive ($100 or less). 


    I'm using a VM Mustang going into a Pathfinder 15r most of the time. My other dirt pedals are a Swollen Pickle, a homebrew distortion, and a modded Rat clone. In terms of tones I like, I don't need heavy distortion nor do I play much dirgey, sludgy stuff. Most of the stuff I like would be considered shoegaze, dreampop, postpunk. I generally like jangly, chimey stuff if that makes a difference.  




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    the germ4 might be something you want to try. i had one for awhile and really enjoyed it. you can find them used for around $60-80 i think.


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      Urinate Forever wrote:
      the germ4 might be something you want to try. i had one for awhile and really enjoyed it. you can find them used for around $60-80 i think.

      Damn I thought those things were like $199 when they came out.

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      I like the OD-11

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    If you've already got a Pickle, check out either a used Pork Loin or Green Rhino. Both routinely come in under 100 bucks.
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      Dano TOD

      Klon clone (no name builds can be had for around $90)



      Lovepedal  OD11

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      TomVanDeven wrote:
      If you've already got a Pickle, check out either a used Pork Loin or Green Rhino. Both routinely come in under 100 bucks.

      Definitely dat Rhino, especially if it's a replacement for an OD-3.  The Green Rhino does all that and way more.

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    Elizabeth123 wrote:

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    HAHA, maybe you can choose one there. 

    The shop's link: http://www.donnerdeal.com


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    You know, considering the amount of spam accouts you guys have made, I'm strongly tempted to tell the entire HC community to avoid doing business with you guys under any circumstances. It's pretty obvious you don't respect them, or the community here, enough to follow the rules. You can participate in discussions, put a reasonable link to your site in your sig, and even answer Mooer related questions when they're asked by someone else, but constantly pushing your own site and products in every post is a sure way to get perma-banned around here, and to make our members here want to AVOID buying anything from your company.


    This is your last warning on the matter. Please stop spamming us.


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      Dammit, I actually take the time to post in this hellhole only to be steamrolled by some Johnny-Come-Lately and his cartoon pedals.  Eat **************** and live.

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    Been digging my new(ish) T-Rex Crunchy Frog. Very cool as it has a boost and you can mix dry signal in or out.

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      A Bad Monkey is about as inexpensive as it gets and it does a very nice tubescreamer sound.  I also like the Pork Loin but use it more for EQ/tone shaping than OD as such -- it's very nice in that capacity, just adding a little grit, but it's pretty dull and nondescript (IMO) with the gain turned up.

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        Rawk.  You're gonna love it.  And I preferred the Rhino over the Badass, so good choice.  The Badass is nice too, but the Rhino has more gain available, a wider range of tones/tweakability, and is more dynamic, although they're both much more compressed than a BD-2 or OCD type pedal.

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