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Egnater Tweeker 88 vs Renegade 65w - Whats your pick?


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  • Egnater Tweeker 88 vs Renegade 65w - Whats your pick?

    Alright I'm still amp shopping. I had orignally bought a Renegade Twin but returned that due to a wierd sound suspected to be tube rattle. (floor model) They didnt have any more in stock so I took home an AC30 to try out. Not enough headroom for what I'm playing, Not my thing. So I returned that last night and wanted to check out a Renegade head and cabinet. They didnt have any in stock, but I happened to see a Tweeker 88 on the way out and figured I'd read up on it. Not as much features as the Renegade Head, but 88 watts with KT-88 tubes caught my interest. I was very impressed with the headroom of the 65 Renegade Twin and the overdrive channel sounds great. But I'm thinking the Tweaker might fit my music more, in some spots anyway. I'm not really a Drop C Chugger, I just want some loud fuzz and reverb on top of a loop. Anyone own or play either? Whats your opinion?








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    i use the Renegade head as a backup to my V4 (read: venues that can't accomadate the volume of the V4). it is pretty versatile, but the mini toggles for high and low tweaking react really weird to certain dirt pedals. if you use amp distortion it won't be a problem. and the ability to footswitch in the reverb/ effects loops/ solo boost on a per channel basis is pretty badass.

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      Yeah thats exacly what I thought about the Renegade Twin I had. Little finicky with pedal dirt, but being able to toggle the loop/boost/fx to either channel was pretty cool. XLR out and External biasing is what I wish the Tweeker 88 had.