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    I got a Death by audio Apocalypse fuzzer today. I am totally swooning over this thing has 5 different fuzzes in it. This is my first DBA pedal and I dont think i could've chose a more useful one for my needs, My mid-fi demo tape fuzz has been my main squeeze for awhile now but during practice today I didn't even turn it on! The apocalypse was doing all the work most of the fuzzes clean up very nicely. My favorite setting is the one pictured.


    DBA apocalypse




    and the board.....

    trainbridge board


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    Is the 5 way switch just a gain control?
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      No the drive is the gain. The 5 way is different fuzzes! It's super cool. Left to right I'll explain them in my ****************ed up way.

      Left: kinda sounds like a fy-2 to me scooped but can add other frequencies with the big nobbie. The quietest of the bunch needs the volume knob at about 3 for it to get what I want.

      Left middle: they called it a war fuzz. Which I think it's actually a DBA fuzz war which they make in a separate pedal. It's a full sounding fuzz that accents the upper mids. Trashy yet defined. This one cleans up the best of the bunch IMO. From crystal clear to full roar

      Middle: the loudest of the bunch! Volume at 10-11 is plenty of oomph. they say this is the same as the fuzz war but with 2 jfets or some fancy talk. I like this one best. It's got more lows and feels like a really fuzzy od with a prominate lower mid presance. Cleans up well but not sparkley.

      Middle right: it's octavey when playing up high but sizzly down lower and doesn't act like a normal octave fuzz sounds big with chords and and gets crazy with the gain pushed.

      Right: they call this gain X 1000 and it's pretty much that. It's all hair but not too much top and not too bassy. Kinda the right amount of kill yourself fuzz.

      I spent the least amount of time with the last 2. I found I liked the middle and middle left for the most of what I played today. But I will honestly find uses for all them something I wasn't expecting.

      The tone control is great (big knob) is goes from bass heavy to scooped to middy then more treble. It's only one knob but it feels like no other tone knob to me.