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Sigur Ros inspired looping song using two loopers

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  • Sigur Ros inspired looping song using two loopers

    For this video I wanted to open with an ambient soundscape and then bring in a chord part later (10) which is almost impossible using one looper because the soundscape part is not in time. I found a solution by using two looping pedals. The one last in the chain (Digitech JamMan Stereo) for the soundscape, the one before that (Digitech DL-8) for the song part.

    I'm upload a video every week (looping video, gear demo or videosong) so suscribe if you like it!

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    yes! new clip. listening now

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      very nice, as usual

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    The Ebow van be a little tricky to control at first but it's not that hard once you get used to it. I always use a volume pedal along with it to fade in and fade out and play with the volume a little. Also some delay and reverb to make it sound smooth and not too in your face sounding.


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      what are you using for overdrive in the video? sounds great!