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    Does anyone own or have played one of these Big Bite pedals? I might be able to pick up a new one relatively cheap through one of their distributors in the US but I've never played one and haven't seen many people talk about them. Does anyone know what it's based off of or is it an original circuit design?

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    never heard of


    • lefort_1
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      Never heard neither.

      Looking at their site, it reads like a Who's Who of "What I Want To Do When I Grow Up" authors. I mean really, pump yerseffs up in front of the public a bit fercrissakes. They've got a EE who went to the US 'to become a luthier' and built 2 (TWO!!!) guitars. And a designer who designed all their initial products (all 2 of them). And a graphics designer who has graduated yet and whose output appears to be directly from the standard Font Libraries.

      OK, I'm not being fair, because I haven't heard any of their product line....but jeebus if you want people to want your product, pimp yourself.


      Damn Brits....bet there's not 2 complete sets of teeth between all of them.