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Many years on and I still love Zvex


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  • Many years on and I still love Zvex

    So today I emailed Zack & Co enquiring about getting the kit to remove the fan on my Nano amp that I got a few years ago (I love the amp but I could do without the fan for late nigh jamming) 

    anyway fully expecting them to reply saying it would cost me, I get an E-mail back saying they are sending it out for free!


    Outstanding customer service and special thanks to Marc @ Zvex for hooking me up!


    TLDR- Zvex are good people

    (here's a pic of the wee beast)

    Nano head

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    I love reading stuff like this. ZVex certainly does have a great reputation for taking good care of their customers. Glad to hear that they hooked you up!


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      yup it's great, I'll definitely be shopping with them again anway! 

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    Love the Nano!
    Most low wattage amps sound like crap at low volume- you just can't get the tunes singing and when you turn them up to where they sound good then the volume is too high for what you really bought it for which is bedroom playing/recording, the nano doesn't suffer this nearly as bad as my champion 600 does
    You can get a nice crunch or just about to break up clean at reasonably low volume (certainly not so loud as yo get you evicted!)
    I think most folk underestimate just how loud a 10 or 15watt valve amp is!!


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      Tunes singing?