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If I were to express an interest in Nordic Folk music....

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  • If I were to express an interest in Nordic Folk music....

    Where the **************** would I start? It's time for me to gather more musical education.

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    Below, two versions of the same song.


    Hanoi Rocks' Sami Yaffa makes this as authentic as  possible... the Roma tradition is deep in Finland.



    I consider myself priveldged to internet-know the trumpet player... he used to post at HC in 2005, but left around the same time I did. We ended up in the same small circle of friends at another place. By the way, that's a real Firebird he's playing...but only brassers would recognize it.



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      Don Cherry.

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    tits<br><br><p><img src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/6348iE11321C4C540F49A/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" alt="s" border="0" title="s" align="middle"></p>


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    Yeah, the "nyckelharpa" is an instrument unique to Scandinavia as far as I know.

    I love swedish folk music, a lot of beautiful melodies but the clothes... :smileylol:

    Anyway, why not check out Benny Andersson's (one of the ABBA dudes) orchestra?

    This piece is called Ringa mina klockor, Ring my bells.

    Klinga mina klockor

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