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Mu Tron Vol/Wah c200 tone problems


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  • Mu Tron Vol/Wah c200 tone problems

    Hey guys I just recently acquired one of these pedals and I was really excited about it until I've started playing it for a while and I'm a bit dissapointed because of some problems I seem to be getting. Everything seems to be fine and work well except that the wah part has an unusually high shrill sound to it. I'm getting a lot of high end on it and it's almost unbearable. I've compared my sound to other videos of it on youtube and it definitely sounds a lot more ear piercing than those. And it's not my amp, guitar, or anything. It has a pot on the side used to add a clean boost to it but that also doesn't solve the problem with it. Do you know if this can be adjusted from the inside or some other way I don't know? It seems like a bummer considering it wasn't the cheapest deal but I can always return it.

    I can try uploading some demos of it tomorrow so you can tell me if its normal or not, because it definitely does not sound normal to me. It almost makes my ears hurt while the ones on youtube sound great.

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    Some guys discussing adjustments to theirs. http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=19973.0


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      hey back in the Day there was a shop that would completely update your biphase for you, like if your electrical internal doo dads in your biphase had dried out this place would replace spent caps and clean up your vintage pedals. this was prolly 12 years ago though.  i would do a search for like bi phase refurbishing .. ?   and see if they can do your volume wah thingy,  i bet even howard davis might work on it?  i dunno,