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Project Strat 2013

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  • Project Strat 2013

    You guys remember my strat?  I painted it about a year ago.


    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 005.jpg

    Picture 001.jpg


    Well, it's been laying around for awhile and I want to make it work.  The electronics are fine but the whole thing is just ****************ed from the frets being rough to the action being incredibly high.  Doesn't play at all.


    What should I do?  It's a squier bullet strat.


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    Ship it to me.
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    Shim the neck. Sand the frets. BOOM!
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    • Urinate Forever
      Urinate Forever commented
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      I sort of want a new neck. This one has a funky profile with an odd radius. $90 is a lot though. Should I have someone more mechanically inclined to put it together for me once I get the neck?

  • #4
    If it were me I'd just pick up an mim neck and lockung tuners. Call it a day.


    • #5

      I'd just fix the neck to the point where it's flipable for $50ish, to fund half of a new neck.


      • Urinate Forever
        Urinate Forever commented
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        it's a squier bullet neck, i dont think it's worth anything, really.

      • Urinate Forever
        Urinate Forever commented
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        maybe i'll sand it again, and do a better clear coat.

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      HAHAHAHA really!

      That is so creepy. Wow.
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      • guitardustin
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        It was both engaging and controversial. I agree wholeheartedly.

      • lefort_1
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        HEY!!! The attributed my post to UF...wtf??? how does that work?

        I feel cheated : I want my "reviewed posts count" incremented by one, and Uri's decremented by two just for spite!




    • #7
      Bro, hold the low e string on the first and last fret at the same time to check the relief. If you see no space between the string and the fret board in the middle of the neck it's cranked too tight, if there's a big space tighten that bitch. Tighten the truss rod that is.
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      • blueboxer
        blueboxer commented
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        So, any luck with the guit box? I'll hold off any more drunken truss rod advice. :robotindifferent: