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The Danelectro 18v Cool Cat Chorus sustain problem


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  • The Danelectro 18v Cool Cat Chorus sustain problem

    I've been googling like mad to try and find a fix for this, and while it seems that every 2nd one of these pedals has this problem, no-one seems to have a fix for it.

    The 'wet' output of my CCC seems to crap out below a certain threshold. As the note is dying out, noise comes up, and the effect disappears. It's not something I've ever noticed before, as I only ever used it for fairly strident rock music, but I'm using it as a stereo pedal for a more delicate style right now, and it very definitely is a problem.

    If you've got one of these old 18v CCCs, you'll know how good they sound, especially in stereo.

    Does anyone know if this problem can be remedied, and if so, how?


    flip the phase

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    because I'd love to know!

    flip the phase


    • gubu
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      Ok, I'm running a boost in front of it now to try and keep the levels above that crappy threshold, and it's working up to a point, but the wet channel still doesn't sound 100%.

      It definitely sounds like a dodgy transistor load (from what little I know about electronics), but I've had the pedal apart and there's nothing obviously blown. I also gave the grey/cracked solders that I found a touch of the soldering iron, and cleaned the all the jacks with switch cleaner, to no avail.

      I'll bump this thread again, just in case someone knows what the problem is. Like I said in the OP, it seems from google that this is a very common problem with this pedal.

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    sorry, can't answer definitevely, but i have an 18v Dan-Echo which has noise (clipping/overloading) on it at 18v but no issues at 9v..

    have you tried running it at 9v?
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    • Phil O'Keefe
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      This is the first I've heard of this issue. I don't know if it's a universal problem with that particular pedal, but this is the first I've heard of it, and I suspect I probably would have heard something before now if it was a problem with all the Cool Cat Chorus pedals out there.... unless maybe it only occurs when running it at 18V. I suspect that not that many people (relatively speaking) bother with running at higher voltages, even when a pedal is capable of using them.