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Simple Practice PA - What Am I Doing?


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  • Simple Practice PA - What Am I Doing?

    I know nothing about PAs. My band has been using an old, weak power amp with crappy free passive speakers for a few years and it's pretty shrill/hard to hear everyone without feedback, so I'm looking to upgrade. However, I still want to keep it as cheap as possible - I was thinking a simple mixer into a powered speaker could work.


    We only need this for vocals (4) to keep up with guitar/bass/keys through their own amps as well as drums. Just want the vocals to be nice and clear. We won't use this for live use. The room is a pretty good size, maybe the size of a very small basement?

    Can this be done for, I dunno, around $300 (not factoring mics)? What am I looking for in a powered speaker? Do I need 2 powered speakers, or can I get away with 1? Any ideas for a half decent mixer? 

    Thanks for any advice.

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    We use a keyboard amp with my band for vocals at our practice space. Works great and you can usually find decent ones pretty cheap at used music stores (music go round, pawn shops, what have you). Certainly under 300 bucks.

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      Get a pair of Alto 10's or 12's... They are the best bang for your buck in active PA speakers