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Which batteries work best in an old MXR Distortion Plus?


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  • Which batteries work best in an old MXR Distortion Plus?

     I just bought an old 1978 unit. Was wondering which batteries work the best with these; alkaline, non-alkaline, partially spent, brand new, specific brand names, etc.


    Thank you.

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    I like my 70's distortion plus with a partially spent alkaline. There's a sweet spot where it gets nice and squishy sounding, and when the battery drains a bit more, they can get a nice sputtery thing going.


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      Wasn't that before the era of the Alkiline?

      Pretty sure it was.... so go down to your local Walmart and pick up there shelf-brand carbon-type 9volt batts. They'll work as the old pedal expects....




      and btw, yer (E) Johnson is showing.



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        Jesus mother****************ing Christ. Get a Godlyke battery clip and a variable voltage adapter.
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