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6L6 whats ur pik?

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  • 6L6 whats ur pik?

    need some new tubes for one of my sexy vintage fender amps, whats the word on good power tubes 

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    This is relevant to my interests. I am going to have a new 6l6 amp made.



    • RoboPimp
      RoboPimp commented
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      I just snagged some lightly used svet 6550s for my marshall too...


      yay tubes

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    Are groove tubes not hip any more?

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    • conky
      conky commented
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      I use either EH or Sovtek 6L6 in my Soldano and they sound pretty good. The last time I retubed though I put a set of Sovtek 5881 in there and they sound about the same but seem a little beefier in the low end.

    • Phil O'Keefe
      Phil O'Keefe commented
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      BrentMpls wrote:

      Are groove tubes not hip any more?


      I like them. They even make a RI of the GE tube - or did. I'm not sure if they still do or not, but shortly before Aspen sold the company to Fender, he bought out the last GE equipment and started re-issuing them.

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    I like the TAD 6L6WGC-STR. They sound pretty close to NOS GE 6L6s to my ears. And, they tend to like a colder bias than most other 6L6-types of tried, which should translate to longer life.