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Emulating Dead Weather Synth Sound on Guitar.. What do you guys think i should get?

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  • Emulating Dead Weather Synth Sound on Guitar.. What do you guys think i should get?

    I've always loved the synth sound at the begining of this track. I've been wanting to get a similar sound using a guitar but throwing my own take on it for a new project im working on. I'm thinking a micro synth and a subdecay prometheus or copilot FX Gyroscope might do the trick for what i want. I could probably even do without the microsyth and just use some of the fuzzes i have.


    anyways.. whatcha think?

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    some kind of resonant filter mixed with a fuzz should do it.

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      That's just a regular old trick with the Moog. He's sweeping the filter with one of the oscillators. Looks like he's using a little Phatty. Usually the mod wheel is assigned to create the sound, but the pitch knob of the oscillator can be used too.

      I haven't seen a pedal that can do this yet, but I'd be interested if something can do that. I've always loved that sound since I discovered my Moog Prodigy could do it waaaay back when.