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OT: Anyone work as a camp counselor?

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  • OT: Anyone work as a camp counselor?

    I know a lot of people have left, but I was still hoping to get some advice on this. Basically, I need to get some kind of a job this summer, and being a camp counselor seemed like the best choice; I know how to do outdoorsy stuff, and it would be nice to get the hell out of my town for a while. It seems better than working at Walmart or somewhere comparable, at least. I used to hate the thought of working with kids, but now the thought doesn't bug me for some reason, so I guess that's a good sign. The only caveat about doing this is that I'm (hopefully) going to be doing an archaeological field school that would take up most of June, and it seems like most camps don't hire after that, but I don't know how much of an issue that'll be; if I remember right, someone on this board got a job at a camp halfway through the summer last year and was excited about it.


    Anyway, does anyone have any stories about working at a camp? Is it good? Bad? Anyone have tips for getting a job at one? Or not getting murdered by a crazy woman looking for revenge?

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    I not only have worked as a summer camp counsellor for many years, but I am now a director out at the camp. 


    I have too many stories to even begin to tell you why working at camp is great.


    the pay is ****************ty, unless you luck out and end up at a super swanky camp in the right area. you will be having an incredible amount of both responsibility and fun. most camp owners and directors will work with you if you are up-front about your time constraints, just know that you won't be as desireable as someone who can be in camp the whole time.

    most camps offer trainings, but if you can get certified in lifeguarding, cpr, first aid, waterfront, rock climbing, wilderness rescue, archery/riflery instructor, then you'll be ahead of the curve as far as getting hired.


    if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


    also, pelliott, get in here

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      i don't know who much you value your life, but if i have learned anything from movies, it is that on average 70%-85% of camp counselors die before the summer is over due to homicidal maniac related injuries. 


      the good news is that you will have pretty good odds of seeing some breasts...just before you die.

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    a few of my good friends worked as camp counsellors or are still in the field. all of them love it, always a good time it seems. so i'd definitely recommend it. but yea, might be tough to find a place that'll hire for just july onwards, but you never know, worth a shot

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      I did a summer a few years ago in Maine as a climbing and bunk counselor.


      It was one of the best summer's of my life.


      Didn't come home with much money like I intended too, but I met some great people and had an awesome summer.


      Theroan's post is spot on.


      I had a bunk of boys going into 6th grade, and they were dickheads. Like really big ****************************s, but I wish I had seen that post prior, beacuse the advice is spot on.


      Also it depends on your age, if you have  a girlfriend, and are you cool being away for like 10+ weeks?

      If so, do that ****************.