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NPD: Flashback X4 + TonePrint Editor Tweaking (video inside)


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  • NPD: Flashback X4 + TonePrint Editor Tweaking (video inside)

    The pedal itself is pretty badass. great delays, looper, and simple to use... But the TonePrint Editor is astounding!

    you know how some delays trail off too fast?.. some cut highs or lows too much, or have too much/not enough modulation. there's no bother getting what you want out of the Editor after a bit of tweaking.

    aside from all the usual parameters, being able to assign 3 parameters (completely variable) is a fantastic feature. here's me tweaking a Tape delay to a custom setting:

    " rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r5FZ2Cwb-o&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

    i was basically aiming to get a tape or tube echo-ish sound that degrades nicely but doesn't go crazy with oscillation, or has too much low-end building up on the oscillations. so i used the Feedback knob to control feedback (obviously) but also change the amount of lows and highs in the delay sound in the last quarter-turn. so it goes from a regular delay with quite a few repeats, up to near-infinite repeats with a change in EQ to cover some tremolo-picking playing i tend to do a lot.

    i also put a 2nd parameter onto the delay level knob, just for a laugh, but it turns out modulation speed doesn't have to sound, er.. 'zany'.. - i ended up with a faster rate on low Level settings and a slower rate with level on full. so ranging from modulated ambient delays when used subtley, up to non-modulated delays for tremolo picking.

    with an expression pedal (or a tweak of the feedback knob) it's like having 2 different delay pedals on 1 TonePrint..  you could take that to the extreme and have heel down be a completely dubbed out space echo and then have toe down be a straight digital delay. i assume you could even remove the delay time from that knob completely (using tap tempo exclusively) and then use that knob just for tailoring the EQ or modulation etc?

    anyway, i thought i'd hack a video together. first time using software to capture screen and overlay video and whatnot.

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    Sounds great....


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      That is pretty amazing. Sort of want one now.
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        real cool how you can just edit all of that. still sounds pretty digitally to me tho :catindifferent: but definitely lots of cool sounds in there