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grouper, tape loops, mixers, etc. Setup ideas?


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  • grouper, tape loops, mixers, etc. Setup ideas?

    This is kind of a pt 2 of another thread I posted. I've been listening to Grouper and other folks that use mixers in their setups. Anyone know what Liz Harris does? I see she has some tape recorders for tape loops. Is she just playing back stuff or using the external mic on the recorder to loop stuff she plays with guitar? Does she run any effects in the effect loops of the mixer?


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    I'm pretty sure it's all pre-recorded stuff on the tapes. Each tape recorder goes through it's own effect chain and then into a channel on the mixer so she can mix the loops on the fly. I don't remember any effects being in the loop of the mixer.


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      Most of the times I've seen her live she hasn't used a guitar much if at all and most of the music has come from tapes. She often changes tapes quite frequently so everything would need to be very well organised.

      I just received a mixer today (just a cheap Behringer model) but it wouldn't be very effective for the kind of music that Grouper makes as it only really has three inputs.