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So what's left of the Timmy fad?


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  • So what's left of the Timmy fad?

    I'm sure there's tons of people who still swear by the Timmy overdrive, but I'm even more sure that a lot of the guys who were on a waiting list and payed twice today's price, have sold theirs to buy the next week's flavour...Right??

    I'm good on dirt peds right now, but if I do fail to resist my gas, I might look for a low gain overdrive pedlol... 

    Not the sort of pedal I'm normally intersted in, but I'm kinda digging my Boss OD-1 lately, and I'm just wondering what else is out there. A couple low gain od recommendations would be welcome. Small foorprint, sub $140ish new, true bypass, easily available, decent build quality (ie no chinese clones, behringer, etc)...

    All I can think off of the top of my head are a couple of classics: SHO, LPB-1, MicroAmp,...

    In b4 klon btw

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    Everyone moved on to the Jan Ray.

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      mmolteratx wrote:

      Everyone moved on to the Jan Ray.



      im actually going to pick up a cheap used timmy v2 tonight glad to have it back on my board. going to build a jan ray clone too soon and see how its holds up to the original

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    i only swear by a rat.

    Originally Posted by stjames

    you think if we sold everything we had, cars included, we could afford a dumble?



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      i only swear by fuzz fact because facts are facts


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        I know a couple of guys that still love the Timmy, and I'd like to try one just to see. I bought a Dano transparent OD, but it's been pretty disappointing really.
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          Honestly I've never tried a timmy.

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        in the grand scheme... maybe? time will tell


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          I'd take two fistfulls of Aim's sig before I I'd re-buy a T|m

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        A bunch of people own a great pedal that they'll never sell? Is this a trick question?

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