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  • Favorite Looper Pedals

    What's your favorite Loope Pedal? I've never used any, and am curious as to who likes what and why.

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    • seifukusha
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      rc-2 = workhorse, sounds great, yadda yadda

      lofiloopjunky x 2. id get another if I could

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    dat M9.
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    • brokenfixed
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      I like the 2 track setup in my RC-30, for writing a rhythm part and messing around on the other track to find a lead for it. I can always save them both and get rid of the lead whenever I come up with another one and they wont be overdubbed together. And the effects can be cool to use in certain ways since they only change the loop signal.

      Although its probably not the best for paging through, recalling and saving loops on the fly.

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    Digitech JamMan Stereo. Bought it because of the Rhythm Out function. It sends the metronome to the drummer via a separate jack so only he will hear it. Also, it has quantization, easy navigation and 35 minuters of loop time straight out of the box. Oh, and its all .wav-files. GREAT sound quality. The only feature I miss is instant overdub, (record a loop, tap to end and straight into overdub mode) but the only looper I know that has this is the DL-4. Strange that this useful function is so rare.

    Dont believe in anything, that way everything is possible.


    • GuitarSlim101
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      The Lo-Fi Loop Junky is my favorite. May not have a ton of features, but it sounds so nice. I miss mine dearly, but I think I'll pick one up once the tax return comes in.

      The DL-4 comes in second. The reverse and speed options are wonderful, and it's a breeze to use.

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    Thanks for all the great recommendations!


      PINKUSFLOYDUS commented
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      Check out the old Echoplex.

      Last time I saw Jimmy Page, he had one on the floor... it was about 8 years ago.

      It was invented by Mike Battles of Akron, Ohio... I have been to his house several times.

      The Echoplex has a bit of tape hiss but what it is capable of overshadows that.

      There is a reason Page uses it...

      The reason is that it can make your sound go WICKED somehow... for some reason.

      Trust me, I KNOW!

      Page ain't using it for no reason and if you have seen him in concert you certainly know what I mean by "Wicked".

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    tubemonkey wrote:

    What's your favorite Loope Pedal? I've never used any, and am curious as to who likes what and why.

    By the introduction of the user "Player99", I bought the MOEN GEC438 Guitar Effect Routing System Looper Pedal Switche (Black) in a website. I think it is a good choice. The introduction says like these:

    Recall 8 presets instantly.
    Switching "POP" cancellation technology, elimintes "POP" sound when switch effects.
    Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a "Switch to TUNER" switch.
    Buffered input/ Non-Bufferred input option.
    Programmable discritional connection order, e.g. "FX1->FX2->FX3" or "FX2->FX3->FX1".
    Standard negative center DC9V power supply.
    Wide switch distance avoid misstepping, 70mm/2.76inch switch distance (center to center).
    Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 360(L)x90(W)x30(H)mm / 14.2(L)x3.54(W)x1.18(H)inch.

    But how it work in practice, maybe I will have to wait until I receive it and test it.


    • orourke
      orourke commented
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      Digitech Stereo Jamman.

      I like that you can use pre-recorded stereo loops.