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  • Boss od3 alternative

    Title says it all. Need something that sounds similar and don't want to spend a lot of money

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    sd1 is similar.



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      Why an alternative? There is one on ebay for 60 bucks.

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      • V
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        I mean...if you need something really really cheap then the Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent OD might be somewhat close but the Boss OD-3 is already pretty affordable (and sounds awesome).

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      I suggest a used OD-3.

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        Yeah, I'm not sure what you're going to find that's as good as an OD-3 and significantly cheaper than a used one. SD-1 is worth a try. Dano CTO-1 is a good suggestion but the used price seems to be the same as that of an OD-3 (i.e. around fifty bucks).

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        So I have two boards and the od3 has permanently migrated to my bass board. So not looking for something necessarily cheaper jut don't want to buy another and don't want to spend a ton more


        • thom
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          Cheaper than a used OD-3? You'll probably have to look at chinese biyang/joyo kind of stuff then...Which don't have the reliability and build quality of Boss...

        • plaidbeer
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          This isn't that much more than another OD-3, but I found my Green Rhino on GC's used site for $70. It has a nice bottom end and is pretty versatile. Although I like the OD-3, I haven't missed it since getting the Green Rhino. 

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        Like I said, it doesn't have to be cheaper. Just want something similiar


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          I own the Boss OD-3 and picked up a MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D.. Its a GREAT overdrive, its about the same price and you can tweak it to sound just like the OD-3. Check out some videos of it online.