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    Hello, my name is dkerwood, and I am an addict.

    This summer, I bought the most expensive and nicest instrument I've ever owned: a Gibson Les Paul.  I paid extra for the one with coil taps in order to have the most versatile instrument possible.  The idea (and justification to my wife) was that this guitar would replace ALL of my other guitars- Strat, SG, hollowbody, and Epi LP.  Of course, I explained, I wouldn't want to sell all of the others- I'd need at least one for a backup or for places I wouldn't want to risk the Gibson like a plane or nasty outdoor gigs- but I could sell the rest.

    Took care of the SG quickly enough.  I never really bonded with it, so it was easy to trade it away for a bigger bass amp.  Now I've finally got a buyer coming by this afternoon for my hollowbody (Ibanez AF75), and this one is a lot harder.  True, I can always buy another should I need it.  True, the floating bridge annoys the crap out of me when trying to change strings or reset the intonation.  True, depending on the amp, the pickups often get muddy.  True, the last time I had a jazz gig I took the Gibson because it's faster, sounds better, and is a heckuva lot more versatile.  But man, is that neck comfortable.  It's like sitting down with my favorite acoustic every single time.

    But I'm going to go through with it, dang it.  I will beat this gear addiction.  I will sell that guitar and... well... I guess spend the money on more gear... <hangs head in shame>

    Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro, Epiphone Les Paul Standard (for sale), Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez AF75 (for sale), Alvarez Artist, Washburn Taurus, Fender Precision, Rogue MandolinAmps: Traynor YCV40WR, SWR LA12, Behringer BX3000T head/Steel Sound 2x12 bass cabPedals: Too many to list...Good deals: knives490, slufay, Jim Hunter, deadanddreaming, lank81, MickTaylorFan, jmecale72, billy budapest, melx, CRANK, Mdsmithii, juankyman

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    You whore.
    FAPASSfrittata! Unload your troubles unto me, even if it's tough to swallow. I'm used to swallowing huge loads.I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the chip off the old dick


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      I just need it. I need something else, man, just one more thing. Maybe an amp. Maybe a pedal. Or you know, I could always find a place for one more cymbal. Or maybe one of those amp mics. No, a recording mic. Oh, wait, what about a new DMX dimmer? Ooo, how about a couple of LED Pars to add to my lighting collection? No, wait, I really need a Thunderbird bass...