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OT but delicious: BBQ sauce recipes wanted.


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  • OT but delicious: BBQ sauce recipes wanted.


    Peoplle, I have a need to cook a disgusting amount of meat next weekend. Pork is calling. I want sopme BBQ meat. Oven cook only, no room for a smoker in the apartment.  

    Any personal recommendations for sauce recipes much appreciated. Whatever you folk dig is good for me. 

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    You might have some luck with answers at the MojoHandFX forum.    There's usually a thread every week about who's smoked or grilled what.


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      I think BBQ brisket is my fave food,  the Restaurants are cool and usually play my music genre "blues"  lol , 


      But my .o2  I have been putting BBQ sauce on my Baconators lately and its awesome BBQ sauce  and Bacon is pretty damn good.  ive got some Kc materpeice in the fridge that is pretty good,  one of the shops here in town does a lot with sauces from all over they may have a web site they are called 'CITY BARBECUE"

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      Iodine, I'm shocked. In the good ol' days of HCFX, I swear I'd be up to three pages of replies on this subject by now

      There's a lot of recipes online but I kinda fancied hearing what people had experimented with. I'm hunting out for boutique homemade BBQ mojo.

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    I googled up an excellent dry rub for BBQ meatz. No sauce required, the fat from the meat turns the rub into a glaze as you cook. It's basically brown sugar, chili powder, paprika, salt pepper and so-on. I stupidly didn't save the link, but browsing around, various Carolina rubs are similar.

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