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delay advice -- Malekko LoFi or Ibanez ES-2 ?


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  • delay advice -- Malekko LoFi or Ibanez ES-2 ?

    i want an analog/analog-ish delay that's capable of crazy oscillation but some lo-fi qualities as well.

    100% wet signal capability would of course be awesome.
    i don't need to sound like the Edge and i don't need tap tempo or modulation.

    the more delay time the better.

    trails would be nice but aren't they virtually non-existent with analog delays ? neither of these can do it, right ? 


    Ibanez ES-2  -- 1000ms/best price  - i love it's design but am slightly worried about the slider breaking down some day. i have a curious toddler in the house.

    the Malekko Lofi seems awesome but i wouldn't mind some more delay time (650ms)... seems like it could get crazier sounds than the Ibanez... the "grainy" sounds it's capable of are pretty much what i'm looking for... can the Ibanez compete ?


    is there another delay i should be considering ?

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    i don't think anyone here has actually gotten the es-2 but i would definitely go for that. looks real nice

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      An Ibanez DE-7, the late 90s silver metal delay with a little blue icon, may do the trick. It's digital and cheap, but covers analog, tape, and digital tones pretty well, has an amazing self oscilation, and I believe 1 second delay time. It's very popular 'round these parts.

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    I've seen a few ES-2 demos that have popped up on YouTube, it definitely sounds good but in comparison to other cheaper pedals, it doesn't quite have the same analog punch to the repeats as other stuff. It's definitely a prettier delay.

    On the cheap, get a Line 6 Echo Park (or even a Behringer Echo Machine), or a EHX Memory Toy and be good to go.
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      have gone through 3 DE-7s and loved them all... a case of easy come/easy go.

      i'm looking for something a bit dirtier/trashier...