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OT: Gonna turn my Tele into an Esquire....


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  • OT: Gonna turn my Tele into an Esquire....

    I very rarely use the neck position of my Tele and I've been increasingly interested in seeing how my Tele would sound wired up as Esquire.

    Have any of you converted your tele into and Esquire?  If so, did you go with the traditional Esquire wiring or did you opt for an Eldred type wiring scheme?  What would you recommend?  I don't know that I would use the dark setting in the traditional Esquire wiring scheme and would likely use a cocked wah type tone far more.  Are there any other wiring schemes you'd recommend?

    I know there are at least a couple Esquire afficionados among us, what say you?  I will be using my existing Rio Grande, Muy Grande bridge pickup.

    Also, Tele is black and I just bought a 3ply black-white-black Esquire pickguard.  It is going to look great, especially with my new black and white stick ball strap.

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    I've done it before. It was pretty awesome. I think I used a wiring digram that Erksin gave me.


    • thom
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      I sanded down the body of my AV '52 tele ri and nitro'd it black. Ordered an esquier guard, sold the un-telecastery seymour duncans that came with the guitar, and got a Fender CS Broadcaster bridge pu. 

      This summer I'm doing a last couple thin layers and a bunch of  clear coats, and then it's wiring/assembling time

      Anyway, post some pics if you can. I'll show mine if you'll show yours.



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      travisbrowning wrote:
      I've done it before. It was pretty awesome. I think I used a wiring digram that Erksin gave me.

       Travis, do you happen to still have the wiring diagram?

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    Christian, i was hoping you would stop by. How is yours wired up?


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      Faldoe, I am on my phone so forgive the brief response...

      Converting a tele to a bridge pickup only.


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        I think I'll try the standard writing for now and then try the Eldred wiring if it doesn't work for me. The idea of using the stock third position with a nasty octave fuzz is too tempting to pass up. I'll post pics of the wiring and finished guitar next week. Thanks guys


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          A Vexter FF is still a beautiful thing.
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            I've played a custom shop esquire before and the neck position sounded fantastic. Go for it dude.
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              I made this one out of parts I had lying around a couple years ago. I had this idea to build something Fender could have built, but didn't - and then later on they came out with the Pawn Shop series which are guitars they shouldn't have built.

              Anyway, it's a 72 neck with a 73 body. I had to make the pickguard and the knobs are repro. The pickup is an old Fender Wide Range from the 70s. IIRC I pulled it out of a Starcaster.