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Looping song with the Diamond Pedals Quantum Leap


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  • Looping song with the Diamond Pedals Quantum Leap

    The 9th installment of my weekly Guitar Looping series. I tried to use a couple of sounds out of the Diamond Quantum Leap pedal. For the intro I used the harmonic delay setting which adds a perfect fifth to the delay signal. For the chord stuff and the melodies the Quantum Leap was in the chorus mode with the regen up half way and the speed set really low, which makes it sound somewhere in between a chorus and a flanger - although it also sounds a bit like a phaser sometimes. I like the chorus mode a lot!

    The guitar I'm playing is the Eastman T486 with a bigsby.

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    I love this series immensely. Thanks!

    I didn't like the bigs by part on this one, though. But I was surprised that the slide ebow part (a trick I've been using for a while also!) didn't clash horribly with the loop. Sounded great!
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      Good stuff!


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        Excellent work. I've really enjoyed all of these videos.

        Did you have a click track in the headphones for this one?
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          thats cool! oh and nice gear!!

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          @ChuckNorris1982; Yeah, I have a clicktrack on the headphones. It's actually coming from the Jamman looper. Before I started recording I tapped the tempo on the Jamman which then sends the click to a separate output. 

          It's the only way I can think of to start out with a soundscape but still be in time - using one looper anyway. In one of the previous videos (#5) I do the same thing using two loopers.

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