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Floorboard+headphones without Amp?

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  • Floorboard+headphones without Amp?

    First post here, and I tried to search to see if it had already been covered, but here it goes......

    Just bought a new electric and space and money are not where I would like them to be. How does something like a Boss GT-100 work with just headphones? I could go with an amp with a headphone jack, but what other options would you recommend to someone who will be playing with headphones on or at low vloumes all the time. 

    Obv. I want something versatile, but having just picked up a Music Man JP-6xi I am leaning to a bit heavier sound that will also let me cut back and use the piezo to its best. 

    Owned a line 6 flextone before, and liked it, but didnt know if something like a GT 100 or even guitar rig 5 would allow me to get a decent sound and not drive my neighbors crazy.



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    Vox amp plug i think under 40 bucks sounds better than Rp2000, trick is to find good headphones i use sony studio cans were 80 when i got them.


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      It can certainly be done, lots of bands use PODs and the like, something like the HD series would get the job done. I've done it onstage a long time ago with a J-station - it was OK, and I'd do it again if I had to but I do much prefer my amp...
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      • sparkfriction
        sparkfriction commented
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        i play without cab for years. Pod, Damagecontrol, Software... perfect without a band and in the studio. Sure i play with real "amp and Cab" from time to time... but i dont own one and i am happy with the Monitors, Rec Mixer and Speaker Out+Cabsim... i playd also some gigs just with a Pod via the P.A. - it works.


        But dunno about the Boss tool...


        on the other hand - i start to save for a new "real" amp and cab...

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      I use a Zoom B3 for headphone bass practice at the house.  Great amp models and effects.  You might want to look into a G3.



      • surfcity963
        surfcity963 commented
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        Thanks for all of the feedback. Ive owned plenty of amps in the past, but traveling and all has gotten me out of the mix, and just glad to pick up a new electric guitar again. Ill take all of your comments into consideration and let you know what I decide on. Who knows, might just find a decent amp with a headphone jack. 



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      I play silently. Get a cheap mixer and an amp modeler. Seriously it is heaven. You can buy them on the heap, like the Behringer or joyo clones. Or you can spend a bit more and get the really nice tech 21 sims.

      You go - guitar to your board to the sim. Sim into the mixer. Boom. A nice little set up, and offers modularity of adding more stuff.
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