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Got This Cool Thing With Box For Free

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  • Got This Cool Thing With Box For Free

    Do I gut it and put something in it or flip it or what?? It's old, japanese made tech but probably outdated/useless except for collectors and even then doubtful.




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    what am it?


    • AimmarCair
      AimmarCair commented
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      It's a SWR (Standing Wave Ratio, used to judge radio efficiency) meter and also a Power meter and Field Strength Meter.

      Also has a built in "Matcher" whatever that is. Has a screw on antenna.

      Basically for testing analog radio tech I think.

      Could very easily turn this into a theremin actually. Don't really want to though.

      Not sure what I could put in it. Some sort of drone synth maybe?

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    Check with HAM and CB radio sites / forums - you'll have your best chances of finding a buyer there.



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    • Player99
      Player99 commented
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      Trade it for a Klon.

    • tim gueguen
      tim gueguen commented
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      Phil O'Keefe wrote:

      Check with HAM and CB radio sites / forums - you'll have your best chances of finding a buyer there.


      Yeah, that gizmo is an antenna tuner.  Could be for either CB or Ham use.