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Emotional Attachment to Gear

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  • Emotional Attachment to Gear

    So some gear I'm pretty attached to, Pedals I've recorded my first album with, amps I've had since I can remember. Some stuff I never use any more, I just can't get myself to sell.......

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    I can see attachments to guitars, not to amps and pedals.

    I regret selling a Gibson lp special I had; got it when I was 13, sold it at 28. It had been with me through some hard times and it def had my spirit put into it. It was either selling that or my 79 lp custom an I had to keep the latter.

    Still miss that other lp though. Wrote alot of stuff on it.


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      If the gear did not evoke some kind of affectionate emotional response to begin with, then I probably didn't buy it. I don't usually waste money on expendable gear unless it's guitar strings, drumsticks, drumheads, etc.


      • sparkfriction
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        hm... some of my gear are just tools for me... other stuff just works for me... old stuff i bought many years ago gets more of my "sentimental" attention. Still own my first pair of Technics 1210 turntabls, my first Battlemixer, my First 7 String Guitar... and a few pedals. It is more about the good deals i did and the long long hunt after special stuff... special for me...

      • Shine-ei
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        I don't get attached to all my gear, some things are easily replaced, or upgraded. But if somethings a bit rare and it's beat up from what you put it through it's kind of hard to get rid of it. 

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      I'd never sell the two guitars I have. I'd like to add another that I can say the same about.
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        I definitely can get attached to a guitar, or any other instrument. To me, that's a very personal thing, and when I find one that works well for me, I tend to put value on that. If it's a really exceptional instrument, and one that would be very difficult to replace because it sounds or plays so much better than most, then yeah, I could see getting attached to it.

        I'm kind of the same way with microphones. You can get ten U47's together, and maybe one or two of them have a certain, what the French call, I don't know what. And I'm one of those guys who really likes to learn the unique characteristics of individual microphones. Some models tend to be a bit more consistent than guitars, but there's still enough variance there that individual units can sometimes sound different than other examples of that same model.

        OTOH, they're all just tools, and they're meant to be used. I'm not a big fan of putting things in a sealed glass case and not using them.


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          ive had so many pedals etc over the years, most of the time id say no. Even my most used compressor, ive sold to the local used shop and bought it back twice! Once I decided I dont use it alot, and then when its gone, I rarely think about it nostalgically. Maybe the odd piece, but not enough to rebuy it.