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Which guitar would you choose?

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  • Which guitar would you choose?


    Here I go again...this is becoming a habit.

    I'm selling one. I know i'm going to regret it, but I can only keep one.
    Which one would you keep?









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    Personally, I would keep the Les Paul. I've never been able to get the right sounds out of an SG, while the LP will "growl" when needed, "sting" when needed, and has a pleasing bass/treble mix. However, for every "gimme" there's a "gotcha". The LP is about 2 1/2 times heavier than the SG.

    Why not keep them both? They're like tools of the trade - you need a light/portable guitar with a sound that you like: SG. You need an upgrade in sound, easily bendable strings, and a soft touch: LP.


    • The EAKLE
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      I'd agree with keeping the Paul. Aesthetically it's way better IMO, and ive always had fun with them, although that isn't much.

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    That is the right configuaration for an SG, so I would keep that one.


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    • Darkstorm
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      Since I like SG's and havent been much a fan of LP's shape. So if it was me Id keep the SG.

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    This is honestly one of the hardest This vs. That questions I've ever seen on this forum. They both appear to be excellent examples of classic designs, with the kind of features I'd look for.

    If one or the other has a flaw of some sort in terms of versatility, playability (the "feel" of the neck would be a significant deciding factor for me), sound, or overall vibe, then that's the one to (grudgingly) get rid of. Based strictly on looks, IMHO, it's too close to call.


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    • blueboxer
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      Sell the CD collection and keep both guitars.

       Don't get me wrong, most of my CDs were jacked out of my car a few years ago and I don't miss them as much as the guitars I have that are as nice as those two.

      Also, this is a very tough decision. I don't mean to be insensitive but if you gotta chose it's down to how they
       both play.

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    I would keep the SG

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    • ChuckNorris1982
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      I'd definitely keep the SG, but mostly because I don't like flame tops.  If I were you I'd keep whichever one you use the most.

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    Keep the LP. 


    • sparkfriction
      sparkfriction commented
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      how Phil said... thats hard. which one was the powerhorse in the past? did you play the most stuff on the LP or the SG?

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    Keep the SG, you'd probably get more cash for the R9 anyways.

    Amazing guitars. You're a lucky man.
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      This may be too personal, but why do you have to sell one? Also, have any of our opinions helped in any way?


      • Capt Beaver
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        Sell both and get a Goldtop PRS and have both in one... Sheesh... Do I have to do everything round here????

        Sup bro...
        Gainster here

      • A.P. Ryder
        A.P. Ryder commented
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        Even though I'm strictly a Fender guy, I do have a thing for SGs.

      • Faldoe
        Faldoe commented
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        If it were an LP custom; I'd say keep it. That SG looks pretty sick though.

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      They are both lovely, but I'd probably sell both to try and finance a Tobaccoburst Les Paul Standard from the 70s.


      • PRS_JRW
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        Don't let us idiots decide, we can't make up our own minds. If it was me, I would choose to keep the LP, but that's me; and it's the look, sound, and feel that would fit me. 

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      I'd keep the SG! :cattongue:


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        Sell the wife/girlfriend and keep the guitars.....the guitars won't leave you or take your stuff.


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          SG all the way.

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