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XYZ in a box Pedals; RIDICULOUS!


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  • XYZ in a box Pedals; RIDICULOUS!

    So ya bumop up the mods on a pedal and call it a marshall in a box. ya create a certian treble boost and call it a blackface 65 in a box.

    What a croc! A good overdrive is only that and nothing more.

    Actually, I find the Box of Rock actually does punp up the high mids of my real Plexi, and the Rustdriver pumps the l;ow mids, and makes the Plexi sound great at lower volumes, but are they really Plexi in a box? hell no.


    Actually,. Id give accord to the Rockett Animal. Thats maybe one of the few that maybe mimics the response architecture of my Plexy..maybe there are others, but by and large its BS.

    Free my Willy

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    Put a hot plate in front of the plexi or an 808. I don't own one single pedal cept for a polytune. At one time I got very addicted to them.  Wish I would have kept my gold klon.


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      I theenk zee hot plate, she sound batter behind zee amp, no?