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Do you like your amp and guitar?

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  • Do you like your amp and guitar?

    what are they?  why that guitar?   why that amp?


      not interested in seeing or hearing about your whole collection.





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    my main guitar is a ibanez rg7321 with a invader pick up in the bridge by seymour duncan. it was my first seven string and survived many other guitars over the years. i can play all and everything on this guitar. from jazzy clean stuff to the br00tz. it just works for me.


    i dont own an amp the last years and playd via my demonizer, amplitube or borrowed amps. amp is a never ending story since i am bandless. But the laney IRT studio is my next. Just perfect for my needs...

    if cash was not the point, i would by the frickin axe fx and maybe a rivera venus 6... dunno



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      p.s.: but the gutiar need a tech who set it up right... after all the years and diy tries...

    • AimmarCair
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      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my tele was free is and is a super good tele.

      Who needs to buy a guitar when a neighbour gifts you a sweet one that's pretty versatile.

      Borrowed an SG with EMGs for DOOM a few times sounded good.

      Amps can be anything. My own personal amp is basically just a 70s Hiwatt. BIG. CLEAN. LOUD. A platform for me to frolic on.

      YEYEAH. Offer up your own contribution goodhonk you wanker, don't you know how these kinda threads work?

    • T ned
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      Yes, and yes.  I've had the same setup for years, an '81 G&L F100 and a MusicMan 112-65 as my basic rig, and a Rat and Ibanez AD9 have been the constants on my pedal board for just as long (the last 15 years or so).  The G&L won't be replaced, and while I'm open to getting another amp, I like the MM enough that I haven't looked around for something else.  The guitar's previous owner swapped out the original p'ups with Dimarzio high output humbuckers, and replaced the original bridge with a Floyd Rose, which will get a big from purists, but I've really bonded with it.



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    My ibanez FRM100 and Marshall Vintage modern are perfect together. The vm is so thick and warm and the dimarzio injectors in the frm give it a lot of punch. Covers nearly any style paired with the right overdrive.
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    • travisbrowning
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      Yes. I love my Jazzmaster. I like my Vox a lot too but I haven't used it in a band setting yet.

    • eti313
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      I like my guitar because it's badass.




      And so am I.


      My amp, not so much.

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    Looks down right chill.


    • The EAKLE
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      I love my guitar, it's an Ibanez AF75. I have no amp for it yet though :/

    • eti313
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      goodhonk wrote:
      Looks down right chill.

      I don't always play my guitar outside. But when I do, it's 27

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      MIM Telecaster Custom '72 RI, Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue bridge pickup, into a mess of pedals, into a Deluxe Reverb Reissue.

      The guitar I bought because as a novice I was chasing after Keith Richards' sound. I never did remove the low E string. I tweaked that guitar for years because it looks cool as hell. Finally it plays as sweet as it looks. Big difference in tone between the two pickups, ability to blend the two tones at any ratio, big, thick old neck with tiny frets.

      I got the amp because I loved a lot of album tones I was told were squeezed out of low-wattage Fenders. But it turns out my amp is played clean most of the time just because I can't ever turn it up in the band setting without throwing off the balance of the overall sound. I love the tone, I love the reverb, I love the tremolo. I love the fact that it doesn't give me a hernia when I take it to gigs.


      • goodhonk
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        yeah man, deluxe reverb is a great amp!

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      i love my guitar. fender mia fat strat.
      i loved my mim fat strat more, but it was stolen.

      i use sansamps to record but i wish i could use my hot rod.


      • blueboxer
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        I love my silverface bassman 100....


        .......and I love my highway one tele with a neck bucker.



        Because the Bassman 100 is stupid ****************ing loud, takes pedals insanely well, and has beautiful tone that is thick as bricks.

        I just love teles because they're simple, customizable, and yet also versatile.

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      Strat and a princeton reverb, what's not to love?


      • sparkfriction
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        i am not very HCFX

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      Ibanez EX440

      Ibanez JTK1

      Dan Armstrong Smoke

      Fender American Tele

      Fender Mexi Strat 

      Hagstrom Viking II

      Godin 5th Avenue



      Sovtek Mig50 w/ 4X12 Jenson MODs

      Dr. Z Maz 38 SR 2X12

      Lunchbox amp


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        Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar into a Vox AC30H2.

        Jaguars are the perfect guitar for me. I bought one years ago because it was the only thing I could afford. I think I wanted a Telecaster or something. Anyway, I got to the point where any time I play anything else, I immediately want to go back to a Jaguar. It just fits my small hands, and sounds perfect for what I do.

        And, the Vox is just fantastic. Especially when it's on the edge of breaking up. I want an AC15 for smaller gigs, but use a Deluxe Reverb for now.


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          Yes, yes I do.


          CV Tele w/ SD Bridge 1/4 pounder & a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 > 212.



          Good Deals : sh333, mitre


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            Yes Root Terror PPC 1x12 Gibson SH Special


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              • thom
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                Yup, no complaints here.

                Mah main stuff, through a vintage 4x12 Hiwatt cab with the original Fane speakers...:



                Stole the second pic from the internet. And the guitar's not nearly as shinybrightredflashy as it looks in the sh*tty pic. 

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