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Recommendations for a new pedal?

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  • Recommendations for a new pedal?

    I just sold an amp for $150. And I was thinking about getting a new pedal with the money. I play mostly blues riffy stuff like White Stripes, Led Zep ect. I was thinking about getting a used Whammy or POG for something that could add a whole new spin to my limited selection of pedals(Big Muff, Catalinbread RAH and Cry Baby). Any recommendations? PS:Playing with humbuckers and a Fender Blues Jr.

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    150 is the budget? save more and buy a delay

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    • riff ie
      riff ie commented
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      well blues and wah have been a main stay since the effects advent, w/ a 150 budget you could shop around till you find what worx 4 u, ... 2 birds 1 stone some kinda octave/fuzz, w/ option to switch the octave effect in or out, well within budget too...

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    Used whammy v if you like to play jack white's leads


    • A.P. Ryder
      A.P. Ryder commented
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      Carbon Copy delay?  Price is about right.

      Not too Jack Whitey or Led Zeppeleny, but delay always adds something to whatever you play.