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  • Activating multiple pedals

    Hi guys,


    I play guitar and sing  in a 3 piece so often I find myself going from rhythm to lead while singing.  Im not big into effects and don

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    There's several different ways you can achieve what you're after. The simplest is with individual pedals and a true bypass loop pedal or two. Going beyond that, there are pedals like the Carl Martin Octa-Switch that allow you to combine multiple pedals in various different pre-set combinations of your choice with the click of a switch. Something like that costs a lot more, but is far more flexible.


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      I have seen some really good Video Demos for VooDoo Labs pedal switchers,  I have both the pedal power 2 and the Amp switcher and they are both solid pieces of kit. 

      I dunno to be honest when i watched the Voodoo Labs Pedal switcher Demo it got me a bit hard.   

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    Guys, double check what he's asking. He's using a POD on the floor and wants some programming advice for it.

    Yes, organize your patches into groups that enable/disable what you need. Not certain how to exactly setup the pod to do that, but eg. Four banks of bypass/rhythm/lead/lead+delay could work. Just read the manual over to get the specifics down, and experiment with it.
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      My understanding is that he's using an overdrive and maybe a reverb in addition to his pod?