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BeatBuddy: The world's first Guitar Pedal / Drum Machine hybrid!

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  • BeatBuddy: The world's first Guitar Pedal / Drum Machine hybrid!

    Introducing BeatBuddy: The world's first Guitar Pedal / Drum Machine hybrid!

    See the demo video:







    - Plugs right in with your other pedals to play a drum beat through your amp. No mixer required!

    - Hands free functionality: Add fills, transition from verse to chorus, add 'one off' accent hits (such as cymbal crashes or hand claps) - all with a press of a pedal!

    - Pre-loaded with 8 unique drum sets, and up to 1000 songs (verse/chorus beat progressions) in each of 8 musical styles!

    - Adjust tempo with a turn of the knob, or with a tap of a button

    - Connects with standard mini USB cable.

    - Completely customizable with included computer interface software.

    - Load your own beats and drum sets! Share them with your friends.

    - New beats and drum sets to be available for download on regular basis.

    - Beautiful strong construction made from anodized aluminum. Built to last and withstand tough live performance environments.


    More info:


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    sounds interesting.


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      Spam goes in the spam thread, pal.
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      • ambient
        ambient commented
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        Pretty cool idea. Not that I would ever buy one myself.

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      implied facepalm

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        yes, spam. anyway, i can dig it, but have no use for it


        • Player99
          Player99 commented
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          In the Moby video he showed a vintage EHX drum machine pedal from many many years ago so Beat Buddy is not the first like they claim.

          Cool for what it is... correction- what it might be, as this is just hype at the moment.

        • Phil O'Keefe
          Phil O'Keefe commented
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          PKTrono wrote:
          yes, spam. anyway, i can dig it, but have no use for it



          Yup - it's spam. To the OP: we ask that all new pedal announcements from builders be placed into the weekly spam threads, which are floated at the top of the forum. Please read the spam thread rules before posting - you can find them in the first post of the spam thread. If someone unaffiliated with your company should decide to start a thread about your product, you're welcome to reply.


          Also, you can send your press releases / new product announcements to news@harmonycentral.com for publication on the main page of HC.


          Thread closed.