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NPD (Boss HF2)

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  • NPD (Boss HF2)

    Yup, another one for my humble boss arsenal. It's starting to look like I'm literally becoming a collector of cheap discontinued boss peds. I hardly ever use em, but when I do, they're the best tools for the job bang for the buck whise. 

    It's the mij version btw, not even sure if there's any difference with other types or whatever. Don't actually have it yet, but I just won one on ebay for 34Euro

    Like the rest of my similarly priced old boss peds: It's not the sort of effect I use enough to justify spending serious money on, but it's a rock solid and reliable pedal from th world's #1 effects brand. Compact, decent resale value,...I'm already sure it's a pretty safe bet, even though I never even heard a HF2 in action

    I've only got one more on my list: RV-2 

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    happy npd. I dont know anythign about it, but I do have an rv-2. you won't be dissapointed.

    ain't got a sig no more


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      That's the flanger Jeff Buckley used on the end of "Grace"


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        ^Holy sh*t, really? I had no idea.

        I know it shoulnd't matter, but that's an awesome liitle detail to me