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Best reverb pedal for less than $150 used.


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  • Best reverb pedal for less than $150 used.

    I'm looking for a nice reverb, and more specificly a spring reverb pedal. I'm getting a Fender Excelsior for home practice (twin for live stuff) but ill be needing a reverb. I've been mixing around with styles so one that can do multiple sounds would be nice. But im looking for one that can get that twack and drip sound. Thanks everyone.


    some ive been looking at"

    Hall of Fame (or trinity) 

    Hardwire reverb/supernatral 

    Boss FRV-1

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    check out the spring theory from subdecay as well


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      it's $179 new so i imagine it goes for less than $150 used


      • evets618
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        If you want the sound of a vintage, old school, tube-driven reverb tank, then the FRV-1 is the one. But it is a one trick pony. It does what it does very well, but if you need more versatility, the others might fit the bill better.

        I'm using the Hardwire Reverb and the Delay, too, and they seem to work well together, and there's a depth I like. The TC is good, too, but I think I like the Digitech spring sim better.

        Modulated reverbs an delays seem to be a flavor-of-the-month, but those sounds never seem to sound as good live in mono as they sound when you're noodling around at home in stereo. YMMV.

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      I love the spring sound on the RV-7. Sounds pretty close to the reverb on a DRRI or twin to me.

      Haven't tried the others though.

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        holy grail for sure
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          The nova reverbs go for cheap these days? They were alright.